So 25 years of schooling/college/university/education/growing up, and it all boils down to that 2 pages of our resume that we build that gets presented in front of the HR to pre-screen and decide if we fit into their organizational culture.

I am sure most of the working crowd would have faced at least one of these issues that is mentioned below.

If you ask me is it true that will an employee stay in an organization if his Manager is good? That would be a big bold YES. I would always suggest an employee to join an organization ONLY after having a real open discussion with your would-be boss. If your instinct shouts out to you that your career will soar reporting to this boss, then close your eyes and join the organization. Yes the salary also matters, but learning is what will help you reach your goals. Your boss is the one who can shape your career or can destroy your career. If your boss is least interested in propelling your career in the direction that you aimed for; you might as well sit at home and watch Game of Thrones/Friends.

Being in the corporate world for the past 2 years and reporting to 2 very different bosses, I can definitely say that your happiness in an organization depends very much on your boss. If only my first boss knew that she was a Manager and she had things in her hands rather than following the herd. And if only my second boss knew how to use his Manager stature to rightfully do his job and realize who needed leverage in their career.

In Short only if both the bosses knew what needed to be done at the right time, the scenario would have been very different.

  • How do you deal with colleagues who sweep your idea right under your nose and take the awards for it?
  • Playing politics in your organization is a feather in the cap that will help you reach heights in your career.
  • How do you deal with a boss who doesn’t believe in the virtual world of connect/work & is interested in keeping his entire team only in one location? Someone who would do anything for those who are right under his nose and they in turn will do anything that he says even if it isn’t the right way.?
  • You just shut up and do the work that is assigned to you. No questions asked; No answers required.
  • How do you deal with a boss who doesn’t like being said that he is wrong and that he needs to pay attention to your career as well?
  •  You fight with your boss, you lose out on your ratings.  EOD – Zip your mouth and nod your head.
  • How do you deal with your boss when he gives all the meaty chunk of the work to a contract worker over a pedigreed MBA hire just because the contractor is rich and comes to work only so that he doesn’t get bored at home?
  • Probably boss gets something from the contractor.

WHY is what I ask myself every morning that I wake up. Why am I doing it- I do it for the money. I do it only to show in my resume that I have so many years of experience. I don’t know to play politics, so I keep mum every time I hear my boss say “that you are in a different location, I cannot help you. I want you to come up with ideas and make it happen, then only will I think of giving you a good rating. I cannot give you the role that you desire.”

And every evening before I sleep, I think to myself; “Did I spend 25 years of my life studying just to hear  a location issue thrown in my face?”

But I am guessing, most of the multitudes of people out there face the same issues, maybe I am just ORDINARY- NOTHING EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Or Am I Extra-Ordinary who needs a new opportunity with the right Mentor?

As Dory says; “When life gets you down, do you know what you’ve gotta do? “ JUST KEEP SWIMMING!”


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